On Raising a Wild One


I didn’t know you were a wild one. I spend my labour with you in denial. I laughed when the midwife began preparing for delivery because I didn’t believe you were coming. The contractions were gentle, yet you came. I don’t know when I realized you were a wild one. In one of my favourite … [Read more…]

Five Minute Friday: HIDDEN


Hidden When we bought and moved into our new house there was a strip of bushes and plants growing amuck. Even now after weeding and mulching and trimming it remains overgrown and neglected, blossoming randomly. Last year a purple flower in the middle, this year a white flower out of the midst of an evergreen … [Read more…]

I Picture You in The Sun


Photo Credit: Stephen Arnold Oh Taliyah, I have looked at your beautiful smile and prayed to all that is sacred that you would come home unharmed. I’ve never met you but you are so real to me. I see you playing in the kindergarten class at school and planting the garden. I know you did … [Read more…]

Does Kindness Matter?


Photo Credit: James Kemp When I was a couple weeks postpartum I stuck my newborn in her car seat and headed out to the chiropractor. It had been a difficult delivery and I was in pain. She was in pain. No one was sleeping and I was exhausted and hormonal. I got pulled over for … [Read more…]